In life, there will be times when you have to get organized, purge your belongings and get rid of clutter to get more organized. This is a very stressful situation and often times, brings about anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed. Our people at DeClutterIt can help sort out your stuff and bring order to the chaos. We want you to leave the hard work to us and we want you to simply unwind and enjoy the space in your life.

Our Services


Pre Staging

Senior Services


Estate Services


We Meet You On-Site

We will meet with you at your location to assess the situation and understand your needs.



Together, with your input, we will assess the items which will fit into your new space.


Sorting Your Belongings

Together, with your input, we will sort your items into 3 categories: What is going with you, what is being gifted to family or friends, and what you wish to sell or donate


Coordinating the move and unpacking

We will arrange and oversee the moving company as well as provide you with our unpacking services at your new place

Parting with your things:

Through the course of everyday living, we have a natural tendency to acquire things over a period of time. This results in excess of items in our living space.

Sometimes clutter occurs because we have a lot of excess things in our home. Hopefully, you will be able to identify the items which have meaning, purpose, and function in your space.

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