Moving and Downsizing

Moving and Downsizing

Moving day can be very hectic and stressful. If you are at the stage of in your life where it makes sense to downsize your home, your new place will be smaller and so you will need to purge and dispose of belongings. Our company provides moving and organizing services where we will get the boxes, help you pack, get rid of unwanted things and donate items you no longer are in need of.

Our Moving Services Include

  • Source movers and moving supplies. Coordinate schedule with homeowner
  • Provide standard quantity of moving boxes/totes and packing materials
  • Pack and inventory home contents
  • Provide homeowner with list of boxes and content
  • Arrange for storage unit if required **additional charge


Once you arrive at your new place, our job is only over once we set you all up! We will ensure that all boxes are unpacked and things are put away where you want them to be. Declutter it wants to ensure you can resume your life as simply and efficiently as possible. We will do the following:

  • Clean your new home before moving in
  • Unpack and put away unpacked items and organize home contents
  • Dispose of packing materials


Leaving your home for the new homeowners in a debris free environment is what we do. The new owners will be happy with the way we do the final clean up. We will dispose of all debris and ensure that the empty home is left in great condition.

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