Organizing Your Space

Organizing Your Space

Your home is your castle and is your comfort place where you can be totally you. Over time, we have a tendency to collect things and accumulate things which we don’t need. Before we know it, we are surrounded by clutter which can create a stressful environment.

Do you often wish that you can have that extra space back which is buried under all that clutter? Has the clutter taken over and has made it difficult for you to live? Is your disorganized space creating stress and frustration for you?

We, here at DECLUTTER IT, will bring order back to chaos and relieve you of your stress and frustration. Our services include:


  • assess the space in your home and determine the area where we can store your items
  • recommend a plan of getting your environment organized by putting a system in place which works well with your lifestyle
  • make things easy so you can do the same


  • Organize items into 3 categories: things to keep, dispose and donate
  • recommend ways to keep clutter under control
  • preserve items that mean a lot
  • reclaim space and storage

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